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Why Glasspockets? An Interview with Foundation Center President Brad Smith

In an end-of-year conversation with Philanthropy News Digest, Foundation Center President Brad Smith shared his thoughts on a few of the topics that characterized 2010 and will likely shape 2011: the slow economic recovery and its impact on

“Glass Skulls”: The Next Era of Transparent Philanthropy

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(Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen is a Lecturer in Business Strategy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Founder and President of the Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation, Founder and Board Chairman of Stanford Center on Philanthropy an

Two Cheers for the Giving Pledge!


(Bradford K. Smith is the president of the Foundation Center.) Two cheers for the Giving Pledge! Why not three? The answer lies in a simple, yet challenging word and that is "transparency." As it stands now, the Giving Pledge is pure pote

Does Transparency Make Foundations More Effective?


Bruce Trachtenberg is the executive director of the Communications Network. This post originally appeared on the blog of the Center for Effective Philanthropy as part of the coverage of its 2011 Conference. The subject of foundation tran

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Transparent of Them All?


David Sasaki, who works with the Omidyar Network (ON) in Mexico City, wrote in his blog last week that he aspires to be the "most transparent grant-maker in philanthropy," publishing his grants data on his personal blog as well as making

Comment by Bruce Trachtenberg on “Creating a Video Annual Report: The Mitchell Kapor Foundation's Experience”

Congratulations both for your foundation's fine effort and for your candor in acknowledging that few

Free Webinar: What Story Does Your 990 Tell About Your Foundation?

What does your foundation’s 990 say about the organization? Now that the IRS has started releasing e-filed Forms 990 and 990-PF as machine-readable, open data is available to the public. While this move will spur transparency and openness

Through a Glass a Little Less Darkly: 2015 Philanthropic Transparency Highlights

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(Janet Camarena is director of transparency initiatives at the Foundation Center.) As we begin 2016, it’s important to reflect on the progress and highlights from the previous year. And here at Glasspockets, we are always looking for exam

Version 2.0: The Giving Pledge Globalizes


(Bradford K. Smith is the president of the Foundation Center.) They said that the Giving Pledge was "made in America," they said that Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett didn't understand other cultures, and that their brand of phi

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