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Warren Buffett Has Some Excellent Advice for Foundations That They Probably Won't Take
March 16, 2017

With a collective $800 billion in assets under management, America’s big foundations spend vast sums of money to buy investment advice and get little, if anything, of value in return. What if foundations took Warren Buffett's advice?

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Apocalypse Later? Philanthropy and Transparency in an Illiberal World
March 6, 2017

How long will it be before nonprofit transparency takes its place alongside diceros bicornis on the endangered species list? Hopefully never, but in a world that's growing more technologically sophisticated and more illiberal, Foundation Center president Brad Smith is beginning to think that if it's not Apocalypse Now, maybe it's Apocalypse Later.

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From Good Idea to Problem Solved: Funding the Innovation Means Funding the Process
February 8, 2017

Bush Foundation shares why philanthropy needs transparent and thoughtful ways to get community buy-in and a wide variety of perspectives to make those ideas a reality. Truly good ideas—those that will really have a sustainable impact—are often created in deep partnership and trust between organizations, leaders, and—most critically—the people most affected by a problem.

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From Early Stage Funding to Lasting Impact: The Venture Philanthropy Approach to Funding Innovation
February 1, 2017

Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation leverages a venture capital philanthropy model to solve complex social issues. DRK Foundation finds, funds, and supports early stage social entrepreneurs whose ideas have the potential to drive systems-level change.

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Fueling Innovation Through Competition
January 25, 2017

Countless ideas are abandoned because entrepreneurs could not find the proper funding or mentorship to build their idea from a mere thought to a reality. This is where foundations and philanthropies, which might be more poised to take risks, can help fill the gap by providing grants to new social impact ideas and start-ups.

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Learn from the Transparency Challenge Highlights Reel
January 19, 2017

Greater transparency and openness in philanthropy has risks and opportunities. Learn from a new Foundation Transparency Challenge infographic, which serves as a highlights reel showcasing foundations that are succeeding where most fear to tread.

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How Philanthropic Is the Trump Cabinet?
January 11, 2017

As Donald J. Trump's administration takes shape, we're taking a closer look at the philanthropic interests of those nominated to serve in his cabinet. Those nominated are of wide ranging backgrounds, from four-star generals, governors and senators, to physicians and Captains of Industry helming some of the largest companies in the world.

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The Force Was Strong With Her: How Carrie Fisher Struck Back By Opening Up
December 29, 2016

Just like Princess Leia, she was passionate, fierce and fearless. As we grapple with the loss of Carrie Fisher, we reflect on her legacy of openness and advocacy for and mental health issues.

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The Case for Opening Up Foundations Meetings to the Public
December 6, 2016

How many charities and foundations have public meetings? Giving Evidence encourages charities and foundations to be more accountable and transparent to those who fund them.

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If An Evaluation Was Commissioned But Never Shared, Did It Really Exist?
November 15, 2016

Very few foundations consistently share their evaluations with their grantees, other foundations, or the public. Why are foundations not sharing the lessons from commissioned evaluations?

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