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Open Yourself Up to New Solutions
April 5, 2017

If you’ve been following headlines since the 2016 election, you’ve probably thought about the growing polarization in our country. Most people fund people and organizations they already know through referrals and established networks, but if we’re going to solve the big problems facing our world, we need to move beyond our personal echo chambers.

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Innovation at the Speed of Change: Exploring Knight’s Tech Innovation Portfolio
March 1, 2017

It’s become a truism to say that the world is changing, and that the pace and scale of change is ever accelerating. The Knight Foundation explains how the world of grantmaking, often criticized for its slow pace, is adapting to these rhythms.

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Tips from the Tech Sector on How Philanthropy Can Scale Impact
February 15, 2017

Why aren’t more nonprofits, like Khan Academies and Wikipedia, building software to create social change at scale? Learn how foundations can become accelerators for tech nonprofits.

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Fueling Innovation Through Competition
January 25, 2017

Countless ideas are abandoned because entrepreneurs could not find the proper funding or mentorship to build their idea from a mere thought to a reality. This is where foundations and philanthropies, which might be more poised to take risks, can help fill the gap by providing grants to new social impact ideas and start-ups.

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From Cardboard to the Cloud: Grantmaking Systems in an Era of Collaboration and Learning
April 6, 2016

The Surdna Foundation’s first grants management system was made of cardboard: it was a shoebox filled with index cards and later evolved into a custom-built system. Surdna has since ditched the cardboard for the cloud, which has helped the foundation become more open, streamlined and transparent.

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Glasspockets Find: The Getty Foundation Launches Its New Grants Database
July 8, 2015

The Getty Foundation has launched a comprehensive grants database, which includes all of the grants it has awarded since the foundation opened its doors over 30 years ago.

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Visualizing California Philanthropy Discussion now Available on Livestream
June 29, 2015

We recently held an event at Foundation Center-San Francisco on the future of California philanthropy. The livestream recording is now available.

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Capacity Building Session Livestream Available for Viewing
May 19, 2015

Did you miss the April 29 Capacity Building session at our San Francisco office? Don't worry! We've got a livestream recording for you to watch.

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“Get on the Map”: Technology Fostering Collaboration and Shared Knowledge
May 4, 2015

Sara Davis, Director of Grants Management at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, calls for more foundation collaboration. She suggests that technology is the solution--and recommends foundations start using some of Foundation Center's tools, such as Knowledge Services and the Reporting Commitment.

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TAG and GMN: State of foundation transparency may simply be due to lack of technological know-how
April 30, 2015

The Technology Affinity Group and the Grantmakers Network have released a report on how well foundations are using technology.

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