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The Force Was Strong With Her: How Carrie Fisher Struck Back By Opening Up
December 29, 2016

Just like Princess Leia, she was passionate, fierce and fearless. As we grapple with the loss of Carrie Fisher, we reflect on her legacy of openness and advocacy for and mental health issues.

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What Do We Know About…Disconnected Youth?
December 13, 2016

Recognizing the crisis facing young people and the need to create stronger pathways to education and jobs, the Annie E. Casey Foundation asked Foundation Center to create a special collection on IssueLab about the group of young people known as disconnected youth. This new online resource houses nearly 140 recent reports, case studies, fact sheets, and evaluations focused on the challenges confronting youth today, as well as lessons and insights from the field.

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The Case for Opening Up Foundations Meetings to the Public
December 6, 2016

How many charities and foundations have public meetings? Giving Evidence encourages charities and foundations to be more accountable and transparent to those who fund them.

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An Insider’s Guide to Giving Day
November 28, 2016

Giving days can be incredible tools for place-based foundations to catalyze nonprofit fundraising. Third Plateau, a social impact strategy firm, offers three key tips for foundations in accelerating community impact with giving days and other community-wide online fundraising campaigns.

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Building Communities of Practice in Crop Research
November 22, 2016

To spur change at the systems level, it is critical to involve many individuals and institutions that work within that system, facilitating the sharing of information and knowledge. The McKnight Foundation has successfully developed a community of practice (CoP) model that has sparked new thinking and innovation in agriculture research and development, which has spurred cross-sector collaboration, learning, and networking.

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If An Evaluation Was Commissioned But Never Shared, Did It Really Exist?
November 15, 2016

Very few foundations consistently share their evaluations with their grantees, other foundations, or the public. Why are foundations not sharing the lessons from commissioned evaluations?

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The Foundation Transparency Challenge
November 2, 2016

I often get asked which foundations are the most transparent, closely followed by the more skeptical line of questioning about whether the field of philanthropy is actually becoming more transparent, or just talking more about it. When Glasspockets launched six years ago, a little less than 7 percent of foundations had a web presence; today that has grown to a still underwhelming 10 percent. So, the reality is that transparency remains a challenge for the majority of foundations, but some are making it a priority to open up their work. Our new Foundation Transparency Challenge infographic is designed to help foundations tackle the transparency challenge. It provides an at-a-glance overview of how and why foundations are prioritizing transparency, inventories common strengths and pain points across the field, and highlights good examples that can serve as inspiration for others in areas that represent particular challenges to the field.

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Get Open: Leaders Reflect on Glasspockets' Impact
July 27, 2016

Sharing strategy, knowledge, processes, and best practices in philanthropy is better for everyone – from the grantmakers to grantees and the communities they serve. In our new video, Glasspockets: Making the Case for Transarency, philanthropy leaders reflect on the positive impact that Glasspockets and working more openly has made on their work.

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The Next Generation of Nonprofit Data Standards
May 2, 2016

Practice standards and data standards are encouraging foundations to organize and share philanthropy data in an excellent, organized and useful manner. Jacob Harold, president and CEO of GuideStar, and Brad Smith, president of Foundation Center, share how nonprofit data standards are evolving.

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Size Doesn't Matter
March 28, 2016

The Mary Black Foundation joins Foundation Center's "Reporting Commitment," an initiative to develop more timely, accurate, and precise reporting on the flow of philanthropic dollars. The foundation is among 19 U.S. foundations contributing to the transparency of the field and the knowledge resources that drive philanthropic impact.

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