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How Engaging Conversations Build Better Strategic Plans
April 11, 2017

Strategic planning can be a complex business: cumbersome, messy and time-consuming. The Chicago Community Trust shares why it prioritized listening to the voices of its diverse body of stakeholders during the Trust’s strategic planning process.

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From Good Idea to Problem Solved: Funding the Innovation Means Funding the Process
February 8, 2017

Bush Foundation shares why philanthropy needs transparent and thoughtful ways to get community buy-in and a wide variety of perspectives to make those ideas a reality. Truly good ideas—those that will really have a sustainable impact—are often created in deep partnership and trust between organizations, leaders, and—most critically—the people most affected by a problem.

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An Insider’s Guide to Giving Day
November 28, 2016

Giving days can be incredible tools for place-based foundations to catalyze nonprofit fundraising. Third Plateau, a social impact strategy firm, offers three key tips for foundations in accelerating community impact with giving days and other community-wide online fundraising campaigns.

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Glasspockets Find: Philanthropic Leaders Join Ban the Box Movement to Address Inequality
October 26, 2016

What motivates foundations to move from funding and supporting movements to joining the front lines of movements? A growing number of foundations are becoming more comfortable taking public stands on issues, such as the Ban the Box movement.

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Who Has Glass Pockets Now? New Transparency Indicators Added
March 9, 2016

Who Has Glass Pockets Now? Three new indicators have been added to measure and enhance transparency and accountability in foundation work.

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A Case for Better (Self-Imposed) Transparency Standards for Foundations
December 29, 2015

In honor of the late Rick Cohen - a journalist and an advocate for underserved communities and foundation transparency - Transparency Talk is sharing his 2012 two-part Transparency Talk series. This is Cohen's second post, which included his suggestions on improving foundation transparency standards.

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The Need - and Appetite for - Enhanced Foundation Transparency
December 28, 2015

As the editor of Nonprofit Quarterly's Cohen Report, the late Rick Cohen frequently wrote about the need for greater foundation transparency and the improvement of philanthropy by increasing stakeholder participation. In honor of Cohen, Transparency Talk is revisiting a two-part series Cohen authored for Transparency Talk in 2012 on the case for enhanced foundation transparency and his recommendations for improved transparency standards.

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Eye On: Chobani Founder Hamdi Ulukaya
November 18, 2015

Using his savvy entreprenuerial skills, Chobani yogurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya built his fortune in less than five years. As a Giving Pledger, Ulukaya focuses on global philanthropy and improving the plight of worldwide refugees impacted by war and poverty.

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Grantmaker Transparency: The Dawn of a New Age in Philanthropy
November 16, 2015

Aaron Lester of Fluxx explores how philanthropy is making the switch from a traditionally opaque business model to an enterprise that embraces more transparency. Large foundations - such as Gates, Ford and Getty - are already sharing sharing their endeavors with the public, surveying and sharing the results of their grantees, and creating searchable grants databases.

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The 30-Layer Cake of Grants Management
November 11, 2015

Grants manager Adriana Jiminez of the Surdna Foundation discusses the ingredients for successful grants management. She examines how creativity and adaptability can help foster a data-driven and learning-based culture in foundation work.

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